Joseph Landau

A finger-style guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter based in Toronto.



I have my grade 8 in classical guitar from the Royal Conservatory of Music as well as a B.F.A in music from York University, where I studied performance, composition, and improvisation. While at York I was lucky enough to study under some great musicians and educators like David Lidov who I studied composition with, Casey Sokol who I studied free improvisation with and Brian Katz who I studied Klezmer, improvisation, and classical guitar with.


Performance History

I have been performing music professionally for over half of my life and in that time I've covered a lot of ground. The groups I've been lucky enough to perform include include Klezmer Orchestras, multiple choirs, flamenco ensembles, and more bands then I can count, so I'll try to keep this to just my recent work. As an accompanist I recently recorded a short Christmas album with Wuyon-Tana. As a solo instrumentalist or with the Joseph Landau band I regularly play at weddings and other events, and I also perform original material as a singer-songwriter. The bands I am currently performing with are Josh Mover and the Shakers where I play Lead Guitar, The Joseph Landau Trio where I sing and play guitar and I am the bassist for Dante Matas and the Infernal Racket.



I currently teach, guitar, piano, bass, drums and ukulele at Footprints Music in Midtown Toronto.

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Notable Past Experience
2017 - Recorded and accompanied Mongolian Singer Wuyon-Tana on her first English language recording in Tokyo, Japan.
2016 - Wrote and recorded a nautical themed children's album (EP 4) that I performed on the Centre Island Pirate Ship as part of Pirate Life Toronto.
2015 - Took part in R. Murray Schafer's massive 1000+ performer version of apocolypsis as part of the luminato festival, sharing the stage with Nina Arsenault and Tanya Tagaq.
- Composed and performed the live score for the Blameworthy Theatre's production of Rossum's Universal Robots for the Toronto Fringe Fest.
2014 - Accompanied the sketch comedy troup Dame Judy Dench during the 2014 Fringe Festival where they were voted best of fringe.
2013 - Performed with my band Formalists at CMW music festival.
2012 - Performed with my band Formalists at NxNE.
2011 - Performed at the Askenaz festival with the Brian Katz University Orchestra.
2011 - Performed an acoustic set for the Circus without Borders during the Earth Day blackout.